iQualifi - your instant Non-QM program & pricing solution

Get Fast, Accurate Program and Pricing Results On the Go

Working with a lender that embraces technology is one of the foundational keys to business success. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report No. 836, “The Role of Technology in Mortgage Lending,” researchers found that technology-based (“FinTech”) lenders increased their market share of U.S. mortgage lending from 2 percent to 8 percent from 2010 to 2016. The study also found that “FinTech lenders reduce processing time by about 10 days, or 20% of the average processing time.”

Increased market share and time-savings should be top priorities for your business model. One of the most significant ways to save time and help ensure client satisfaction is to use a robust loan program and pricing selector tool. Designed for originators, iQualifi from Sprout Mortgage provides instant program recommendations and pricing for all loan scenarios. Simply enter some basic loan, property and credit information — just 15 data points — and iQualifi will instantly identify the loan program that best fits the given scenario, even in advance of a completed 1003 or a credit report. This highly advanced program lets originators adjust loan amount and LTV to produce optimal pricing and product options. Instant scenario pricing means you can quickly respond to client inquiries and run multiple scenarios to see what works best for your clients’ budget and needs.


iQualifi Benefits:

1.   Customizable loan scenarios.

2.   Instant on-screen pricing.

3.   15 simple information inputs.

4.   Instant emailable price, product and prequal summary for each loan scenario.

5.   Always available on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Let’s face it, customer loyalty isn’t guaranteed, but the best way to retain customers and earn their trust is by delivering fast,accurate answers, and the information they need. iQualifi is scenario-based pricing at its best. Why choose between speed and accuracy when iQualifi gives you both!


Sprout Mortgage is the leading nationwide movement in Non-QM residential lending. Additionally, the company’s volume was $2.8 billion in 2019, up 89% from the 2018 yearly figure and more than seven-times the company’s 2017 total. Sprout’s loan programs and products are designed to provide lenders with a range of solutions to solve a wide variety of borrower needs for homeownership. Programs include Alternative Qualification, Moderate Credit, and Real Estate Investor loans. For more information, visit or call 844-664-6100.