Get To Know Sprout

Sprout Mortgage is a one of today’s most forward-thinking mortgage companies, setting its sights on how to best meet client needs. As a direct lender, Sprout has the ability to move quickly and provide mortgage solutions that result in a smooth loan process.

Sprout is proud to offer personalized service every step of the way and loan programs designed to satisfy a wide range of homeowner and investor objectives. Mortgage loans are all we do at Sprout. We’re flexible thinkers and steadfast doers who are adept at getting loans closed quickly, easily and efficiently. How do we do it? Sprout’s leaders are a passionate team of knowledgeable and experienced mortgage industry experts who know how to design mortgage loan programs to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their high expectations.

Recognizing the shortage of “real-life” mortgage options for consumers, Sprout created progressive loan solutions. Combining new loan guidelines with flexible, common-sense underwriting Sprout specializes in non-QM loans for self-employed borrowers, borrowers with recent credit events,and residential real estate investors.

For example: Sprout’s low documentation requirements are a favorite of self-employed clients — we know they work hard to be independent and we work just as hard to help them achieve true independence through a home purchase.

Investors rely on Sprout as their lender of choice because we have the flexibility to offer loans based on cash flow, fast turn-times, and products created specifically for investors.

Our specialized loan programs can help clients who have had credit issues — we know they are more than a credit score, so we look at each individual’s complete financial picture to ensure we offer each client the best options.

Sprout provides Mortgage Brokers with the most advanced tools and resources to make the lending process as fast, accurate and efficient as possible, so you and your clients benefit from an optimal experience. Successful Mortgage Brokers choose Sprout because they have confidence in their ability to grow their pipeline using the resources we provide, including:

- iQualifi: Sprout’s loan program and pricing selector tool provides instant program recommendations and pricing for all loan scenarios.

- ACORN: Our proprietary Non-QM AUS provides instant, accurate feedback on pricing and program guideline eligibility, and conditions — prior to app submission.

- Sprout Marketing Store: Created to provide Mortgage Brokers with their own virtual marketing department, including free electronic downloads of personalized flyers.

- Specialized Loan Programs: Sprout offers programs to suit a wide variety of borrower needs.

- Highly Competitive Rates: Look no further for great rates.

- Exception Process: Sprout’s well-honed exception process accommodates requirements that may be needed to make unique deals work.


Mortgage Brokers who are serious about moving growing their pipeline and taking their business to the next level partner with Sprout because they recognize that working with a lender who specializes in Non-QM programs and who has demonstrated significant growth and success in this area is critical to business growth and success.




Sprout Mortgage is the leading nationwide force in non-QM residential lending. With innovative products, flexible qualifying criteria, and common-sense underwriting, Sprout provides tailored lending solutions for residential real estate investors, self-employed borrowers, and those with recent credit events.Sprout provides modern lending solutions to help a broad range of consumers andthe brokers and lenders who serve them. The company’s volume was $2.8 billion in 2019, up 89% from the 2018 yearly figure and more than seven-times the company’s 2017 total. Sprout’s loan programs and products are designed to provide lenders with a range of solutions to solve a wide variety of borrower needs for homeownership. Programs include Alternative Qualification, Near-Prime,Super Jumbo, Moderate Credit, and Real Estate Investor loans. For more information, visit or call 844-664-6100.