Build Your Non-QM Pipeline

How to Grow Your Pipeline with the Right Non-QM Lender

Growing a steady and reliable book of business is every originator’s dream. You’ve got the skills and a knack for building relationships with clients and referral partners. Now you need to work with a solid, experienced lender who can deliver on your clients’ expectations, and get loans closed fast and with ease. This is the path of the average originator. But, why be average? Sooner, rather than later, every originator encounters deals that can’t be accommodated via ‘ conventional’ lenders, and therefore needs to have a Non-QM product solution in order to serve the full spectrum of their clients.

The path for growth-oriented originators should center on a partnership with a lender that skillfully embraces Non-QM loans. Leading Non-QM lenders boast a suite of resources to ensure originator success and customer satisfaction, including: innovative products, flexible qualifying criteria, and common sense underwriting, and the ability to provide tailored lending solutions for residential real estate investors, self-employed borrowers, and those with recent credit events.

Here’s what makes a perfect lender experience:

- Offers loan programs to suit a wide variety of borrower needs.

- Offers highly competitive rates.

- Offers compensation options that fit your business model.

- Specializes in Non-QM programs and has demonstrated significant growth and success in this area.

- Has a well-honed exception process to accommodate requirements that may be needed to make unique deals work.

- Provides in-branch and web-based training to help you quickly get familiar with programs and procedures.

- Utilizes an Automated Underwriting System (AUS) that matches the ease and convenience of agency AUS tools that have been in place for many years.

- Offers support for condo reviews, automated rate locking, and scenario analysis.

- Provides an easy-to-use program and pricing selector that provides instant on-screen pricing.

- Maintains a free online tool for ordering personalized marketing collateral and promo items to help promote your business.


Marketshare is everywhere, but you need to know where to look if you want to capture more of it. Growing your pipeline requires out-of-the-box strategies and forward-thinking approaches to keep pace with fluctuations in the housing and mortgage markets. For example, a large number of credit-worthy borrowers exist outside the conventional mortgage realm. This includes first-time homebuyers, borrowers with substantial assets but limited income, jumbo and super-jumbo borrowers, everyone who’s part of the new “gig economy” (also known as self-employed individuals), real estate investors, seasonal business workers, anyone who’s paid in a lump-sum for their work, and fixed-income retirees. While some individuals won’t qualify for a conventional mortgage due to past credit issues, those who have started to regain their footing and can demonstrate improved credit performance can often re-enter the home market through anon-qualified mortgage loan.

Why is working with a Non-QM- savvy lender critical to business growth and success?
Consider this: More than $20 billion in Non-QM volume was generated in 2019! How is this impressive volume possible? The millions of potential homebuyers typically have the means to buy a home and repay a mortgage, but are reluctant to approach conventional lenders due to their higher debt-to-income ratio, non-traditional income stream, or because they’re investing in multiple income-producing properties. This huge market share is waiting to be tapped. All it takes is you!  



Sprout Mortgage is the leading nationwide movement in Non-QM residential lending. Additionally, the company’s volume was $2.8 billion in 2019, up 89% from the 2018 yearly figure and more than seven-times the company’s 2017 total. Sprout’s loan programs and products are designed to provide lenders with a range of solutions to solve a wide variety of borrower needs for homeownership. Programs include Alternative Qualification, Near-Prime, Super Jumbo, Moderate Credit,and Real Estate Investor loans. For more information, visit or call 844-664-6100.