Yes, an AUS can help you build your pipeline. Here's how...

Having second thoughts about spending time putting together a loan package that could possibly be denied? Don’t be. ACORN, Sprout’s Non-QM Automated Underwriting System (AUS), is a proprietary system that provides instant, accurate feedback on pricing and program guideline eligibility, and conditions — prior to application submission.

If you’ve never done Non-QM or perhaps had a bad experience putting a Non-QM loan together, it’s a good time to take a closer look at the high quality technology that’s contributing to the growth of Non-QM as a source of loan pipeline growth for originators. Non-QM borrowers are plentiful and tools like ACORN can help you expand your client reach.  

Building your pipeline is easy with ACORN because item powers you to evaluate the financial profile of each loan. There’s no risk, only reward, and here’s why: ACORN is optimized exclusively for working Non-QM transactions, so you get fast, accurate findings, as you would when running Agency and Government loans. ACORN provides results you and your clients can rely on for every Non-QM loan scenario.

The Non-QM market has grown significantly over the past few years. Sprout Mortgage gives originators tools, like ACORN, to meet the needs of underserved Non-QM borrowers, including self-employed professionals, real estate investors, high net worth individuals, foreign nationals,and those with impaired credit. ACORN provides growth-savvy originators with the capacity to deliver an easy and accurate mortgage loan experience to clients. The outstanding service you provide will be remembered and appreciated, and your pipeline will grow.

Sprout Mortgage is the only lender that provides a fully optimized AUS experience. With point of sale decisioning, ACORN provides complete, up-front AUS findings, and future conditions. You’ll never have to wait for a response from the Account Executive, Scenario Desk, or Manual Underwriting Team. ACORN lets you run loan scenarios and instantly determine product options across Sprout Mortgage’s Non-QM loan products — accelerating underwriting decisions and helping you originate Non-QM loans with greater confidence. ACORN from Sprout generates specifics on each condition that needs to be satisfied to make the loan work. Knowing conditions up-front before the file is submitted means you can work with your borrower to get the information you need, and submit a clean file right from the start.

By leveraging ACORN, you can quickly and confidently inform potential borrowers of automated loan approvals through a simple self-serve process that is triggered from within your origination platform.Here’s how it works:

- Use ACORN 24/7 to determine if your Non-QM borrower qualifies for the loan instantly, providing confidence that you can get their loan done.

- ACORN will provide conditions specific to the loan, so you will know exactly what is needed before you submit the file.

- Running ACORN up-front at the time of application increases efficiency by reducing underwriting touches on the file.

- Use a 1003 and credit report to obtain a decision for your borrower in minutes.

- Know instantly if a Non-QM client is a good candidate for a loan by using ACORN.

- If the borrower does not receive an approval from ACORN, you will be able to request an exception before you order an appraisal or submit the loan for a complete review.


ACORN is accessible through:

- CalyxPoint: It’s built in and ready to use. (Only Sprout provides the full-function version ACORN, absolutely free!)

- Encompass (Bankers’ Edition): Get free installation — Sprout can set you up!


- Web portal: For all other LOS platforms, we’ve got you covered... Web access is free too!


No matter how you access ACORN, you receive immediate underwriting decisions for your borrowers!


Never take for granted the features and capabilities of the technology systems lenders provide. The AUS you choose and the lender who backs it are critical to your success and play a critical role in customer satisfaction. The best system will help you serve more clients and win moredeals by expanding Non-QM opportunities.


Sprout Mortgage is the leading nationwide movement in Non-QM residential lending. Additionally, the company’s volume was $2.8 billion in 2019, up 89% from the 2018 yearly figure and more than seven-times the company’s 2017 total. Sprout’s loan programs and products are designed to provide lenders with a range of solutions to solve a wide variety of borrower needs for homeownership. Programs include Alternative Qualification, Moderate Credit, and Real Estate Investor loans. For more information, visit or call 844-664-6100.