Frequently asked questions

Why is the company name changing?

We're developing a single brand: Sprout Mortgage. Uniting all of our business channels under that name makes it simpler for you to do business with us. We're a multi-channel provider, so when you need a non-Agency lender who can handle a wide range of a?ordable home ?nancing - there's just one name to remember: Sprout Mortgage.

Will the Recovco Mortgage name go away entirely?

You'll still see Recovco Mortgage Management, LLC on contracts, agreements and other legal documents as that's still the legal name of the company. But the Sprout Mortgage name is used for marketing and sales purposes in the Wholesale channel. We'll be 'doing business as' Sprout Mortgage and you'll see 'dba' in legal disclaimer language.

When will you officially begin 'doing business as' Sprout?

As of January 1, 2019, Recovco Wholesale will begin doing business as Sprout Wholesale.

What else is changing?

The only change is the company name. You'll still have the same Account Executive, we'll still o?er the same loan programs and you will continue to receive the same quality service.

Will loans that are in progress be affected by the name change?

Loan applications submitted on or before 12/31/18 will close as Recovco Mortgage Management. Loan applications submitted on 1/1/19 and forward will close under the Sprout Mortgage name - the closing docs will say "Recovco Mortgage Management, LLC d/b/a Sprout Mortgage".

What about the Recovco website?

As of January 1, 2019 if you type in you'll automatically be redirected to our new site - Please update your browser website bookmarks if you've marked our page. Similarly, you'll automatically be redirected to the new client portal - will take you to

Will my Loan Officer still have the same email address?

No. As of January 1st, all emails will come from "" - "" email addresses will be deactivated.