The Automated Underwriting System from Sprout

When accuracy and speed are everything, look to ACORN, the Non-QM Automated Underwriting System.

Your business depends on having access to valid information and tools to ease the lending process for your borrowers.With ACORN, you can confidently inform borrowers that they’ve been pre-qualified, or know with certainty the details behind why they were not.

Plus you will receive a complete list of loan conditions based on the borrower's 1003 and credit report.

Easy – Access ACORN directly from Calyx Point
Convenient - Get an underwriting decision when you need it – any time, any day
Quick – Immediately know if a mortgage solution is available for your clients

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Access ACORN in 3 simple steps:
1.    Go to Lenders Tab in Calyx Point
2.    Select SPROUT
3.    Click GO